Local Pot Calls Kettle ‘Black’

In what has been described by local police as a, “racially provoked verbal assault,” a local Pot was accused of calling a nearby Kettle, “black.” A fellow Kettle commented, “I thought we’d come a long way since the days of judging a Kettle on the color of his paint. It’s what’s on the inside that counts. Like soup.”

The Pot’s legal team, Pan, Mug, and Crock Pot issued a statement claiming that he was confused by the plethora of terms used in modern society to describe the defendant. A Wok for the defense added, “It’s so confusing to know what’s politically correct and what’s offensive these days. Me so horny, I love noodle.”

Pot claims to have friends of every culinary background and his lawyers maintain that any allegations that he is a lazy lay-about who only gets off the sofa if he’s got the munchies were not only offensive to the Pot community at large, but inaccurate. Pot had no comment regarding his crack usage.