“Lesser Known Quotations”

“I need my beauty sleep. Lots and lots of beauty sleep. 40 pills worth of beauty sleep.” -Marylin Monroe

“I have this thing for asian chicks, ya know, because they’re the only ethnicity available on this entire continent.” -Confucius

“I like my wit like I like my pussy, dry as hell.” -Samuel Clemens

“Ugh… where am I… and why the fuck am I dressed like an indian?” -Samuel Adams

“Oh dear, I dropped my lipstick.” -Amelia Earhart, (Last Known Transmission)

“Holy fucking Ra do I love triangles.” -King Tut

“My father has never approved of my work nor my desire to have sex with his wife.” -Sigmund Freud

“I didn’t say,’Sic Semper Tyrannis,’ I said, ‘Take THAT, Lincoln!'” – John Wilkes Booth