Girl Falls for Best Friend

In a shocking turn of events, Kelly Harrison, a beautiful psychology major, has fallen for Tim Macy, her best friend, her ballroom dancing partner, and a member of the crew team. For years, Macy had feelings for Harrison, who he described as his “perfect woman,” and when she would say “I love you,” in her friendly way, he would respond “I love you,” and then turn around and whisper to himself, holding his heart, “for real…”

Harrison said, “I had thought of Tim as a brother for years, and I never had any idea how he felt about me. I can’t believe how much I love him now.” She also lamented many of the actions she took over the course of their friendship, adding, “I almost regret letting his brother screw me doggy style on his bed that time he walked in, and sleeping with all of his friends.”

The road these lovers will take is sure to be a bumpy one, but Macy seems optimistic: “I know this is for real. It was fate that brought us together, and I knew one day she’d realize how great I was.” He added, “I can’t wait to give her the collage I made out of her pictures and hair.”