The Seminal Works of Dr. Seuss

Most people think of Dr. Seuss as the lovable children’s author. Because of this, we’ve put together a collection of his most famous works and annotated them with informative notes writen by scholars named me. Also included in this exclusive look at Dr. Seuss’s greatest accomplishments is an excerpt from a rough draft of his most popular work, The Cat in the Hat. Enjoy!

The Cat in the Hat

This a chilling tale exploring the utter isolation and disillusionment of a generation of fatherless latch-key kids raised by imaginary cats.

And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street

Seuss’s first published children’s novel captivated readers with an imaginative romp, covering everything incredible, from zebras to airplanes to Chinese men eating with sticks.

The Sneetches

Everybody remembers the fantastical, star-studded shenanigans of the Sneetches. What they don’t remember is the Holocaust. This story was written to remind people of that.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

This classic tale of how a stone-hearted curmudgeon was turned through the magical Christmas spirit of the less-fortunate is the most original story ever written.

Green Eggs and Ham

A little-known fact: Dr. Seuss never did get around to eating green eggs and ham himself. He did eat potatoes and sausage, though he never fully enjoyed them.

The Cat in the Hat Goes to Jail

“Hooray!” said the Cat.
“Let’s do something new!”
And with a snap and a clap
Out popped Thing One
And Thing Two.

What zany, what crazy,
What lazy good fun!
Thing One was a bag
Thing Two was a gun!

“Clickity-clack, ” said he,
Watch what I do
With your mother’s ear-rings!”

And with that he dropped
Into his great sack
My mother’s great treasures
And my father’s great plaque.

“So there, fair children,
I bid you Adieu!”
And out the door
Went he, Thing One
And Thing Two!

That’s when he got arrested.