New Chancellor Cares Via Mass E-mail

Recently-appointed UC Berkeley Chancellor Birgeneau is planning to start his tenure on a personal note by using the university’s mass e-mailing system to warn students about the dangers of underage drinking, depression, and lack of ethnic diversity. He is continuing a legacy set forth by previous Chancellor Robert Berdahl, who won the hearts of students with his honest yet touching mass mailings on these and other issues most pressing to young adults.

“I’ve got big shoes to fill,” said Birgeneau. “Bobby was highly respected in chancelling circles because of those genuine e-mails. He really knew how to tackle the issues via electronic mass communication. They broke the mold when they made Bob, lemme tell you.”

Said Paul Chiu, a graduate student in the College of Environmental Design, “Chancellor Berdahl’s messages were absolutely inspiring. Without them, I might have fallen victim to an unsupervised college party drinking game, or I might not have known that May 5th was ‘Take the Stairs Day.’ What a legacy.”

When asked what other plans he has for his first weeks in the position, Birgeneau swiftly darted into the Eucalyptus Grove.