Anthropological Evolution of a Screen Name

Throughout the history of my life, my Internet habits have changed, and as such, so has my screen name. I’ve seen some crazy ones out there, though I can’t say that mine haven’t been bad either. Here’s a brief history of my various assumed Internet aliases.

BenFV: (1993 – September 1998) Why would I have this simple, non-sensical name? Even eight-year olds have more originality than this. Well, I didn’t pick it, and I didn’t like it. It’s too plain and no fun. My dad picked it for me. In fact, everyone in my whole family had the same one. It was (name)FV. FV, of course, stood for Fountain Valley, my hometown. So, there we were, so cute, with the choreographed names like some cute little picture perfect family.

CuriousG111: (September 1998 GAA October 1998) As soon as I figured out how to make new screen names I picked this one. It made sense to me because I was a big Curious George fan. Somehow, though, this screen name attracted the wrong type of attention. Although I did receive some pretty cool gifts from my newly-discovered “uncles.”

4StarGeneral: (October 1998 GAA May 2001) Then, there was the computer-gaming phase. So, I took a term from my favorite game, Axis & Allies, and came up with this. This screen name took me through my Starcraft playing days, the depression of middle school, and the lowest lows of puberty. And, since this involves the Internet, I’m sure you all know what that means: cybersex with overwhelmingly disgusting people.

M1st3r l33t: (May 2001 GAA June 2002) The general name was getting too childish, especially around the rapidly evolving cybersex arena. I had to change with the times. I went from childish, albeit high-ranking, to smooth and fluent in l33t. Yeah, I pwned.

XxX_fCkauthrity_XxX: (June 2002 GAA September 2003) Then, I went from the computer phase to the rebellious high school student phase. Oh yeah, I was a punk, you could tell from all the Xs in my screen name. Rock on! Fight the power! Slam Poetry! AP English! And have cybersex with other punks on the Internet!

BenUCB: (September 2003 GAA present) Finally, I arrived at UC Berkeley, and decided my name was just a little too “high school”. So, I picked my name, and put it in front of the place where I am living. I really like the new name. It’s pleasantly simple, with some controlled originality. All the people I’m cybering with seem to like it. I just tell them it stands for BenUnCircumsizedBoner.