Top Ten Subject Lines for Penis Enlargement Spam

  1. Break her apart and put your person-sized dick on trial for murder
  2. Require attendants to carry your oxen-sized member on a tarp
  3. Suck the rest of the blood from your body with your blistering red penis
  4. Embarass yourself in public with an ever-present erection
  5. Accidentally smash a hole in your bedroom wall with your enormous cock
  6. Perform disturbing acts of violence with your violent cock
  7. They’ll have to call in the national guard to tame the fury of your out-of-control penis
  8. Seriously damage your partner’s genitals with your dangerously oversized member
  9. Knock down buildings with your wrecking-ball phallus
  10. Shatter her vagina with your vagina-shattering c.o.c.k