Study Shows Conservatives to be Pee-Fetishists

Researchers at several universities, two of whom are professors at UC Berkeley, recently published their findings on the curious nature of political conservatives. Among their findings is the conclusion that conservatives, generally speaking, like to be peed on. The study comes in the wake of an earlier article published by the same team, which stated that conservatives share traits of intolerance, fear, and avoidance of problems.

Wrote Assistant Professor Jack Glaser, “Whereas your average liberal finds little pleasure in urination aside from a purely physiological function, the average conservative derives a great deal of sexual pleasure from so-called ‘watersports.’ Specifically, being peed on by others, and peeing on them in turn.” He noted that such disparate political figures as Ronald Reagan, Adolf Hitler, and Benito Mussolini all enjoyed the drinking of pee because they had been naughty, naughty boys.

When asked to respond to the findings, Internet journalist/conservative commentator Matt Drudge wrote, “What? I like pee.”