Top Ten Campus Myths Spread by CalSO

  1. Christmas is really about the birth of Oski
  2. Junior starring Arnold Schwarzenegger was filmed on this very campus, the most successful movie in the history of the worldz
  3. City of Berkeley once populated by lazy blacks and Latinos with low SATs; establishment of Univeristy in 1868 changed all that.
  4. Tipping your tour guide is customary and easy
  5. “Tolman? No, that’s not ours. We would never build something like that.”
  6. Le Conte Hall named after famous Frenchman, not just dirty French word
  7. Plaque commemerating Mario Savio steps actually spot pissed on after night of partying by the same
  8. The Hate Man is actually T.V.’s Dennis Franz
  9. Sexually active students are allowed to enter Soda Hall
  10. That Dwinelle was actually built by two feuding brothers who setteled their differences and cemented their newfound friendship by building a campus building together. Blindfolded.