Berdahl Chokes on Hacky Sack

After a successful recovery from prostate cancer last spring, UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl suffered a major setback when he choked on a Hacky Sack while playing with his compatriots outside the University House.

Medics rushed to the scene and stabilized the chancellor, but complications have forced Berdahl to stay in hospital care until he shows significant signs of improvement. “We were having such a good time,” said Professor David Kojan of the Anthropology department, who participated in the game and made the call for help. “I was the one to kick it really high before Bob pushed everyone aside to keep [the Hacky Sack] in play.”

Doctors note that had Berdahl not opened his mouth as the bean-filled sack came plummeting downward, he would have only suffered a concussion. “Bob is one stubborn son of a gun,” said Linguistics Professor George Lakoff. “He always has to use his head on the fourth rally.”

Campus-wide, students and faculty wish the Chancellor a speedy recovery and hope that he can soon return to work. “He’ll pull through,” said Dean of the Graduate School of Journalism Orville Schell. “I got a whole POG in my nose one time and I was fine in a few days.”