Wrong Mommy’s Legs Followed

Jessica Marzan, age 4 1/2, had lost her Mommy, a Walnut Creek Nordstrom’s PA system reported last week. Marzan had spent nearly three minutes following the blue-jeans-clad legs of a woman who she presumed to be her mother. It was only upon turning her head upwards that Marzan suddenly discovered that the face of the woman was not her mother’s, but instead that of a frighteningly unfamiliar stranger.

“I’m losted,” Marzan explained to store employees who quickly responded once the child burst into tears. “I losted my mommy. I was following this mommy but she’s not my mommy, my mommy’s gone.”

“I was shocked when I heard the speakers say that Jessica was lost.” said Rebecca Marzan, age 31, who quickly responded to the store’s lost child announcement. “I thought she’d been following me the whole time. But it turned out to be some other four-year-old with the same pink dress and brown pigtails.”