Top Ten Ways to Tell You Spent Too Much Money

  1. You saw the stereo you just bought for $399 at Best Buy for $329.
  2. There are two friends in your apartment, and enough alcohol for fifty
  3. You’re eating Super-Sized fries.
  4. You’re old and white, but your wife doesn’t look old…she may be white
  5. You’re naked, your car is gone, and the bitch that gave you blue balls is driving it
  6. You’re holding a degree from Stanford
  7. It’s got a spoiler, a subwoofer, and chromed hubcaps, but it’s still just a Honda.
  8. Your triple bypass bill gave you a heart attack
  9. You’re driving an 18-wheeler loaded with vanilla pudding
  10. Your front teeth are gold plated and people now call you B-Dog