Plea of “No Sprouts” Unheeded by Mustachioed Devil-Bitch

Cafe Intermezzo customer Jerome Hill, who really doesn’t deserve this kind of abuse, ordered a sandwich & salad combo today, specifically asking for any and all sprouts to be omitted from both components of his otherwise standard order.

“No sprouts on either,” said Hill, enunciating flawlessly.

The employee, who is extremely intelligent-looking for a moron, or may be just a big he-bitch, acknowledged the special request and threw himself head-long into the construction of the clear and pleasant Hill’s chicken salad sandwich.

Once the sprouts-free sandwich was completed, the employee asked one more time about any special requests, at which point the customer restated his no-sprouts preference, in addition to specifying is choice of dressing.

“Tossed green, no sprouts, blue cheese,” said Hill, making and maintaining full eye contact with the big bitch.

The salad included a hearty portion of sprouts.

Hill requests that “the next time you patronize Intermezzo, should you pull the bulky Latino man with a wee little mustache as your server, kindly spit in his face.”