Parents Deal with First Year of College

Cal freshman Jamie Swintek recently returned home to discover her childhood bedroom was metamorphosed into the family entertainment room. Swintek’s mom, Mrs. Swintek, was reported as saying, “When Jamie left for college, it was really hard on the whole family. We were so used to having her around all the time that we really didn’t know how to fill the void in this house…until we got this forty-two inch TV! Look at that! It’s totally crazy HDTV. Watch thisGAAGAAyou can zoom in on Kevin Costner’s gills.”

Her daughter retorted, “Mom, Dad, I commute to school. I don’t understand. I still live here. You could have mentioned something about this to me, like yesterday or the day before at dinner.”

“Honey, you’re all grown up now. We wouldn’t want to bother you with something as insignificant as a Digital Home Theatre and Dolby Surround Sound,” replied Mrs. Swintek while raising the volume on Jessica Simpson’s new music video.

Swintek’s parents donated most of her precious memories to the Salvation Army. Her remaining clothes were packed in a bag and tossed in the garage.

“But, where am I going to sleep?” were the last words heard before sobbing ensued.