Students Find Housing On

With the housing crunch in the East Bay worse than ever, students are turning to the Internet for help. eHousing, a business which helps students find housing, announced Tuesday that it will now offer housing services on its website. Students unable to find housing in the Berkeley will be offered a contract for a portion of eHousing’s Internet domain.

“I got a 45 megabyte, 2 bedroom apartment on Shattuck and for only $490 a month” explained Berkeley sophomore Bernie Young. “Me and my roommate are crammed into a 35 megabyte one-bed, one-bath on, but even the virtual market is tight.”

eHousing was the first to offer housing in cyberspace, but new competitors are on the way. Promotions such as free e-mail for life and domain name routing have forced students to consider their options.

“I was gonna go with, but then I found out if I lived at, I’d be neighbors with an illegal French porn site,” said Wade Almquist. “It was a good decision. These really hot .jpegs come over and drink with us all the time. Being French and all, they don’t shave, but if you zoom in to about 133%, then they get pixelated enough where they look like they’re shaved, and are still clear enough to be really hot.”