Mourning Families Comforted by Prying Media

Families of the numerous victims killed in a recent horrible tragedy were relieved this week to find that the media would not be ignoring their plight. Rather, a series of close-up photos of crying relatives, as well as frequent taking of sound bites expounding on loss, ensured that the grief-stricken families will remain in the spotlight for as long as the tragedy remains newsworthy.

“It’s so gratifying to be recognized,” said Louise Gordon, whose husband was torn limb from limb and burned to death before his body was discovered by rescue workers 36 hours later. “I was afraid I might be forced to grieve in peace and solitude. Fortunately, I’ll have photographers hounding me nonstop, making sure to see me through this difficult time in my life.”

Reporter Dave Hernandez shrugged off the praise, chalking it up to a journalist’s duty. “These are stories that need to be told. The public should know how the victims’ families responded to this tragedy. Now we know–they’re saddened by it.”