Top Ten North Vietnamese Pick-up Lines

  1. "Here's my Gulf of Tonkin resolution:  Without the approval
  2. "I'll show you a Tet offensive, baby."
  3. “Oh, I thought you said ph+A|…”
  4. “I know something that needs to be airlifted right now…”
  5. “You want me to beat your American ass?”
  6. “Is that a Viet Cong in your trousers? Wait, how can you afford trousers?”
  7. “Hey! Weren’t we in the shit
  8. “I know this quiet little place, the natives call it Dien Bien Phu.”
  9. “Happy trail? Baby, I’ve got a Ho Chi Minh Trail.
  10. “I was criticizing myself a few days ago, …”