Daily Cal Columnist Writes Meta-Meta-Column

Daily Cal columnist Jen Price broke new ground recently when she wrote her weekly column about writing about her weekly column. Answering disgruntled letter writers who felt it was cheap and lazy to write columns that simply answered disgruntled letter writers, Price asserted her belief that she had a responsibility to assert her beliefs.

Daily Cal staffers applaud Price’s ground-breaking meta-meta-column. “With the introduction of Bernice Ng’s ‘Reader’s Voice’ column, we thought we had reached the limit on how much space we could spend writing about writing the Daily Cal,” said Editor Dan Jung. “But Price’s ground-breaking column, we’re free to devote our selves fully not just to journalism about journalism, but also to journalism commenting on journalism discussing journalism.”

Immediate results are that “Sex on Tuesday” will no longer discuss sex, only the validity of the “Sex on Tuesday” column, and Andy Singer’s “No Exit” cartoon will be even less funny than usual.