Top Ten Things You Wonder About Your Roommate

  1. Why is his hand still on my cock?
  2. Why does he get a football scholarship if the team’s just going to get its ass kicked anyway?
  3. If the Chinese are so good at laundry, how come his clothes are always so wrinkled?
  4. Why is his hand on my cock?
  5. If I can make it look like an accident, can I get a 4.0?
  6. How can he tell new Diet Dr. Pepper from regular Dr. Pepper?
  7. Is he/she really a she/he?
  8. What did he have to do to get that Members Only jacket?
  9. How does he cram all that graham?
  10. If I throw him down the trash chute, and there’s no one there to hear it, will it make a sound?