Top Ten Things Said by Romance

  1. “No, seriously, what the fuck is
    romance philology?”
  2. “What the fuck is romance
  3. “The new guy’s double majoring
    in something useful. Kill him.”
  4. “Some of us don’t need to earn
    money after college, Mr. Bourgeois
  5. “Some guys are just in it for the
    romance. Me, I’m in it for the
  6. “Fuck da man!”
  7. “Mass Comm–Now that’s a
    laughable major.”
  8. “You study modernist philology?
  9. “If you’re looking for anonymity,
    you’ve come to the right place,
    Mr. Cash.”
  10. “No, not philosophy: philology.
    Philology. Phil-ol-lo-gy.”