New Drummer for Iron Butterfly

With the mysterious circumstances surrounding their former bassist’s disappearance cleared up, Iron Butterfly has announced that Latin sensation Ricky Martin will be joining the band. While some critics are claiming that the hard rock group is simply riding Martin’s coattails, the band members disagree.

“Ricky has always been a big fan,” said lead guitarist Eric Barnett. Just look at some early Menudo. It’s clear that we were a heavy influence.”

Martin had the following comments on the merger: “I don’t even know those fuckin’ guys. Who the fuck are they? Some white dudes just grabbed my perpetually moving hips and threw me in a fuckin’ van. Fuckers.”

The new super-duper group has announced that the first song to be released will be a mix of the two songs that the artists are best associated with: “Inna Gadda Da Vida Loca.”