My Summer Vacation

I went to my Nana and Baba’s hous after skool ended. they was so nice to me. they was so proud of me and my A’s in englis and P.E. Baba was a little mad cause i’m not in Peewee Football like he was, he said i was a “Pussy ass” and a “Dick sucker”. Mommy told me not to listen to him cause he is a dick sucker too.

Mommy was smoking out of her glass pipe agin and Nana was really mad cause she said that the glass pipe is what made me have such a big head. i like my head. i can write every word of “If you wanna be my lover” by the Spice Girls on it. The kids at skool play tic tac toe on it.

I decided i want to be on Baywatch when i grow up. Mommy said they only let people with dads on, but i don’t believe her cause if she was telling the truth then no one would be on cause no one has a dad. Mommy said my dad is a son a bitch, but the teacher tell me she is wrong i’m son a bitch teknicly.
i had blood in my BM other day, Unkle Lewis said not to be scardeded he has blood in his BM everyday.

Mommy and I went to Mexico for two days and she put something stinky in my diapers. i don’t wear diapers, but she said this special occasion. My diaper smell like skunk and mommy tell police it was my poop, but i no poop. mommy so funny.

Me and Baba went to the fair and he drank lots of grown up soda and when we drive home he throw up out the window and hit a dog. He so funny.

My big brother Stephen’s big frend Bruce sleeps over all the time. Stephen calls him his “Sugar Daddy” cause he’s so sweet.

I like summer cause Mommy brings over all her man frends and they rub my big head for good luck when they play poker. Mommy likes taking her clothes off when her man frends are over. they play with sugar powder on mommys mirror and i get to play with it with Mommy’s money card.