UC President Anxious About Haas Pavilion

Chancellor Robert Berdhal paid a visit to the construction site of the Haas Pavilion this week to check up on the progress of the stadium. Although foreman Jerry Jerrod claimed that the pavilion would be completed according to schedule, Berdhal informed him that UC President Richard Atkinson “does not share [Jerrod’s] apparent lack of optimism.”

But Jerrod told the Chancellor that Atkinson “asks the impossible,” and that he “needs more men.” In response to this protest Berdhal suggested that Jerrod tell that to the President himself when he arrives. Upon hearing that the President was on his way, Jerrod reportedly grew very nervous and vowed that his men would “double their efforts.”

Berdhal seemed satisfied with Jerrod’s promise and hopes that the foreman keeps it for his own sake, since the President is allegedly “not as forgiving” as the Chancellor.