Top Ten Things Overheard at the Last ASUC Senate Meeting

  1. “Can we have donuts at the meetings like the Squelch does? And hookers, too!”
  2. “I’m feeling very representative today.”
  3. “All right, I’m drunk. Let’s get started.”
  4. “I move…my bowels. Oops!”
  5. “Of course they’ll come. We’ve got Kennedy!”
  6. Monkey noises
  7. “I move that we set aside two hours to discuss a cause completely out of our hands and irrelevant to the student body”
  8. “His name is Arian White and he’s black… get it? Arian White… he’s black.”
  9. “What da’ fuck happened to our money?”
  10. “We respectfully ask the Squelch Senators to stop laughing at us.”