Top Ten Surprise Beanie-Baby Releases for Christmas ’98

  1. Junkie: Chipmunk with track marks in all his cute wille fuzzy-wuzzy radial artery
  2. Chippy: Chigger with authentic skin-burrowing pincers
  3. Mangy: Half-starved Telegraph black Labrador
  4. Clampy: Lamprey that attaches to other toys and sucks their blood
  5. Breathless: Fetal pig in jar of formaldehyde
  6. Roly-Poly: Dungbeetle with scratch- n-sniff poo balls
  7. Ignatius: Iguana with anatomically correct bifurcated penis
  8. Hipster: Hippo with baby swallowing jaw-clamp action
  9. Trippy: The tri-testicular tarantula
  10. Baby Rattle: Rattlesnake with super bite action and real working venom