Top Ten Rejected Titles to “It’s 3AM” by Matchbox 20

  1. It’s 6AM, We’re Still Laying Out the Squelch Because the Fucking Computer Crashed and We Ended Up Spending $25 on Adobe Technical Support Talking to Nancy, a Midwest Dyke Who Told Us the Likelihood of Recovering Our File Was Hopeless at Best and Wouldn’t&
  2. It’s 3AM, Only Three Months Until I Get Impeached
  3. I’m Lonely. It Must Be 3AM
  4. It’s 12:00,1 Can’t Feed My Mogwai Anymore
  5. It’s 3:16, I Must Be John
  6. it’s 3-24, We Beat the Spread
  7. It’s 4:20,1 Must Be Toking
  8. It’s 3AM, Why are You Still Here?
  9. It’s 3AM, Do You Know Where Your Children Are?
  10. It’s 3AM, I Must Be Sleeping