Questions That Are Likely to Get an Ambiguous Reply at Cal

  1. Wasn’t that the guy who had a 4.3 GPA in high school but then got addicted to drugs because of his numerous allures in this overly-competitive environment and is now
    only still allowed to take classes ’cause he’s giving the dean head?
  2. Did you have the math professor with the incomprehensibly-thick Russian accent?
  3. What annoys you most about S<J>E?
  4. Did you try that crap in the DC?
  5. Did you hear that lunatic yelling on Sproul?
  6. You know that stuff you step in on Telegraph?
  7. You know that stressed out pre-med?
  8. Did you read that poorly written, if amateurish piece of rubbish in the Daily Cal this morning?
  9. Where can I get some rice?
  10. See that Asian guy over there?