Top Thirteen Most Disturbing Things Your Professor Could Say

  1. “Mmmm-bop!”
  2. “You will now address me as Lord Zoltar.”
  3. “Office hours will be clothing optional.”
  4. “There will be no Black Lightening this semester.”
  5. “Do I look fat.”
  6. “let’s get ready to rumble.”
  7. “I believe in teaching openly, so feel free to fondle your neighbor.”
  8. “From now on class will be held in Dwinelle.”
  9. “Everybody in the house say yo-o-o!”
  10. “One half of your grade will be based on attendance.”
  11. “Some of you are genetically programmed to fail, so don’t feel too bad.”
  12. “My office hours will be on Wednesday from 4-5 on Lower Sproul. I’ll be the one in the ball-gag.”
  13. “Those of you in the first five rows will get wet.”