Top Ten Discoveries Made By the Mars Rover

  1. Intelligent life once existed in AAA.
  2. Next time we should probe Uranus.
  3. Oatmeal is not, in fact, the right thing to do, nor is it a tasty way to do it.
  4. Barry Kurtz has herpes. Yes, you, Barry.
  5. A Martian carcass can be saved for use as a tasty soup stock.
  6. Your own shit tastes good (Actually, that’s a discovery made by my dog, Rover).
  7. If you want to convince taxpayers that 271 million dollars isn’t a lot of money, you can keep telling them that it could have cost them 3 billion.
  8. The truth isn’t out there.
  9. Mars is more hospitable to human life than Casa Z.
  10. People really, really like to look at rocks.