Application for THE REAL WORLD

in Butte, Montana

Please complete all requested information. Use ink and print. (In American, por favor).

General Information

Age: ____ Sex:_____

SS#: _-____ Measurements: -__
Zodiac Sign: ________

Questionnaire Answer on separate sheet; no cocktail napkins, please.

  1. What type of people do you hate?
  2. What stereotype do you represent?
  3. Are you good looking?
  4. Do you have any trendy diseases?
  5. Will you die before your syndication residuals are due?
  6. Do you have any trendy allergies?
  7. Please list any addictions you have/have had.
  8. Do you have a British accent? Explain.
  9. Can you be guaranteed to cry at least once an episode?
  10. Can you talk about Kurt Cobain w/out laughing?
  11. Do you have at least one major trauma in you life that you are willing to reveal during a lull in the show?
  12. When confronted with an unpleasant situation, do you:
    1. Talk about it reasonably and calmly?
    2. Play Jane’s Addiction?
    3. Scream and rant into the camera, all the while making sure your

most photogenic side is showing?

  1. Are you willing to be the token conservative?
  2. Has anyone ever described you as back-stabbing?

Requested References These can be on cocktail napkins.

At least ONE written in angry handwriting from an ex-lover.

ONE from a former employer.

No more than ONE from your bandmates

Applicant Statement:

If selected by “The Real World,” I promise to quit my job and become a struggling artist. I agree to talk endlessly and disgustingly in detail about my sex life, drug habits, and prosthetic limbs. I understand that one of my main obligations to the show is to fake deep and philosophical conversations with my roommates. I am also willing to dye my hair and pierce body parts. (Including those of my parents.) I understand that my tenure on the show is at will, and that Phlegm TV has the right to terminate me at anytime, especially if I become boring. I understand that my roommates can and probably will kick me out. I agree to pretend that the camera is not there.

Signature: _______________________________

Date: ______________