• Oppress women and minorities. Gently stir in exploitation of the working class, adding manipulation of the world money supply in small amounts. Bake in prospering community for 10 years, then remove to leave vicinity in shambles. (Serves the interests of the rich and powerful).

  • Pass xenophobic legislation. Separate Chicano and Asian immigrants until populace becomes a rich and pure white. (Discriminates against 8-16 million).

  • Take drugs. Get addicted. Die. (Serves you right).

  • Bounce ball. Throw in air. Hit with raquet. (Serves 1).

  • Kill wife. Behave guiltily. Overlook blood stains. (Convicts 1).

  • Attempt diplomacy. Bomb strongholds. Realize futility. Pull out. (Serbs 1, Muslims 0).

  • Meet. Fuck. Fall in love. Get dumped. (Embitters 1).

  • Watch MTV. Imitate Bevis and Butt-Head. (Stupifies, uh, a lot. Yeah, that was cool!).