Two types of people

The world is divided into two types of people. We know this to be true. That’s why every Presidential election always comes down to a race between two candidates, except in cases where some cosmic force causes a small gnome to become a major third party candidate. But I digress. Look around you. People actually get into arguments about who’s better: Road Runner or Wile E. Coyote. There are people who like Flintstones, and people who like the Jetsons. People who watched the Addams Family, and people who watched the Munsters. People who like Nirvana and people who like Pearl Jam. Beatles or Stones. Gap or Banana Republic. Tom or Jerry. Itchy or Scratchy. Skipper or Gilligan. People who read Playboy for the articles, and people who are honest. People from Los Angeles and people with homes, electricity and phones. People who actually read the Squelch, and people who don’t write for the Squelch. People who read DC Comics and people who actually say things like “Make Mine Marvel.” People who wake up early for Face the Nation, and people who wake up early for X-Men. People who watch TV, and people who believe TV is a tool of Satan. People who listen to Rush Limbaugh, and people who listen to Rush. Letterman fans and Chevy Chase fans. People who say Schindler’s List was the best movie of the year, and people who say Cabin Boy is the best movie of the year. People who like Taco Bell, and people who like Mexican food. UC Regents, and people. Well, you get the point. Or you don’t get the point.