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Top Ten Totalitarian Children’s Books

  1. Curious George Disappears After Asking Too Many Questions
  2. Redistribution of Treasure Island
  3. The Big Friendly Gulag
  4. Goodnight, Coup
  5. Alice’s Adventures in the Rhineland
  6. The True Story of the Three Capitalist Pigs
  7. Cloudy With a Chance of Rations
  8. Our Glorious Leader
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Top Ten Cinematic Atrocities

  1. The Help
  2. Darfur the Love of the Game
  3. Bataan Death March of the Penguins
  4. Armenian Pie
  5. Love Don’t Holocaust a Thing
  6. The Nanking and I
  7. Horrible Bosnias
  8. Wallace and Pogrommet: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
  9. Moulin Khmer Rouge
  10. A Fish
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Top Ten Easiest DeCals

  1. How to Enroll in this DeCal
  2. Where France is
  4. Garfield: Which one’s the cat?
  5. Hot or Cold?
  6. An intellectual history of Sublime
  7. Styrofoam Lifting
  8. The Presidency of William Henry Harrison
  9. Angering Bees
  10. Identifying Colors
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