Top Ten Dog Pickup Lines

  1. I just threw up! Wanna see?
  2. [furious panting]
  3. You make me wish I hadn’t been neutered.
  4. Do I smell dog feces and urine on you? Because you’ve been rolling around in my mind all day.
  5. What’s your sign? Mine’s “beware of dog.”
  6. Are you my master’s leg? Cause I want to hump you vigorously for 45 seconds.
  7. Ay baby, wanna help me bury my bone?
  8. Who’s a good doggie?! Who’s a good doggie?! Guess what. It’s you, girl.
  9. Girl, you put the “wow” in “bow wow!”
  10. I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware I ordered the hot dog.