American Cultues Class Enlightens Area Freshman

After a semester of Ethnomusicology 50AC, freshman Bill Muller reports himself conclusively free of all forms of racism, sexism, classism, midgetism, and an entire spectrum of more exotic prejudices. Muller, a Sigma Phi Nu pledge and Business Administration major, says that his outlook will never be the same thanks to the three-unit pass/fail class.

“Originally I just signed up because I thought I could get an easy A for, like, listening to African drums,” said Muller. “But Professor Harper taught me all about the… the invisible power structures by which the… dominant class, uh… it sounded important when he said it.”

Muller, who had been required to discuss serious issues with less privileged classmates for up to fifty minutes at a time, says that he now “totally relates” to people from different backgrounds. He has vowed to make various changes to his life, including rewording his racist jokes, tipping the janitors when he sees them in the hallways, and cooking microwave nachos for his girlfriend at least once a week.

“Now I can tell my black friends what their lives are like,” Muller said. “After I make some black friends.”