Remaining Flower Children to Raise Price of Free Love

During an emergency meeting on Tuesday, the members of the Berkeley chapter of the Sixties Counter-Cultural Preservation Society announced a hike in the price of unrestrained sexual experimentation.

“It’s to be expected, man,” said red-eyed hippie economist Alfred Thundermoth, nodding sagely and stroking his yellowing beard. “Just look at the fluctuating lines on this graph of Birkenstock Prices that I just drew on the back of a napkin. Have you ever really just looked at them?”

Revenue from the pending increase will go towards STD and electric Kool-Aid acid testing for the entire group, as well as to the construction of an elaborate tie-dye contraption slated for completion whenever.

When asked for comment, co-treasurer Marigold Rainsong fell asleep on the couch and dreamt of her second favorite spirit animal.