Romania to Name Dragon National Bird

In a shortsighted and very curious attempt to increase tourism, the nation of Romania yesterday voted to proclaim the dragon as their new national bird. “The great nation of Romania has long been at the forefront of world dragon conservation, and it is about time we recognize ourselves for doing so,” said Romanian Prime Minister Goran Kalashnicovovic while wearing a cape and posing with British tourists.

The resolution has been described by political analysts worldwide as a sad and desperate attempt to increase public awareness of a nation whose only claim to fame is green, delicious lettuce. The bill will open 200 new Dragon Hatcheries/Family Fun Centers and places a stringent ban on the Lord of the Rings and other blasphemous history books. However, the measure did not pass without dissent. At the Romanian National Assembly, one representative whose name this reporter could not pronounce voiced his disapproval. “You all know Harry Potter isn’t real, right? And even if it was, a dragon isn’t even a bird! It’s a reptile…dinosaur…fire thingy!” After a short and awkward pause, the gathered assembly raised their magic staffs above their heads and monotonously chanted “renegade” over and over again. The member then left and the measure passed unanimously.