A Very aDoyle-able Christmas

Well it’s been an amazing year full of blessings, challenges, and rough-edged rewards. It all started last year when our whole family–Alan, Lindsey, our beloved dog Jonathan, and our beloved son Harold–found ourselves back under one roof, one garage, and one aluminum shed. No empty nest here! This is one momma bird who couldn’t be happier.

I’m sorry our annual letter is reaching you so late after Christmas, but we’ve been knee-deep in excitement ever since the basement flooded. Who knew a septic tank had to be emptied? Not to mention our Mac Performa has been more of a Mac Performnot!

The year started with a bang with our trip around the world. We saw the Eiffel Tower, the canals of Venice, and the shops of Arabia! Well if you didn’t guess, we didn’t actually go around the world; we went to “Sin City.” I’m sorry for deceiving you. I hope that I don’t get in trouble for telling you what happened in Vegas, hahahaha. Or “LOL,” as MSNBC says my kids would say!

Speaking of kids, Harold has been getting a chance to hone his computer skills on the likes of monster.com and yahoo jobs. He keeps joking that with all the time he’s been spending on the library computer looking for a new job he could probably get a job in computers. I always tell him that would be great since it doesn’t look like the candy bar factory is going to be opening back up anytime soon.

Unfortunately, every year has to have its winter, and ours came in the summer: Some of you are aware of the difficulties that Grandpa Jim has been facing over the last year, and I’m sad to report that in August we lost him. One minute he was with us, mumbling cheerfully and incoherently, and the next minute we were in the Food Court and he was nowhere to be found. Mall security wasn’t much of a help, but I’m sure he was taken in by a family that will love him just as much as we did.

But we haven’t let this one tragedy spoil our year. Alan continues to work as a chemist at Chevron and is expecting a huge cash bonus from the company this year. In fact, his burns are healing faster than any doctor could’ve expected, and the dog can already recognize him again. It’s a Christmas miracle.

And little Jessica Doyle was so excited about the Christmas spirit that she was born on December 25th, a full four months early! She’s quite the little stocking stuffer (aDoyle-able, really!). We couldn’t be happier to be grandparents, even if it’s not going to be for very long.

I’m also excited to announce that my home business is finally taking off. Harold said no one would ever buy bird house shaped mail boxes, but I know five and a half people in Michigan who disagree! So I hope you all think of me when you’re planning your after-Christmas gifts, perfect for bird enthusiasts, bosses, friends, coworkers, former coworkers, college roommates, gym buddies, you know, people like that.

I can’t wait to hear from you, since all your Christmas letters seem to be late too.

Much Love,

Karen Doyle and Family