Architecture Building Collapses

In a shocking and ironic turn of events, Wurster Hall, famous for its training of the architects of tomorrow, collapsed today. The colossal gray building, deemed “goddamned hideous” by countless passersby, simply caved in on itself at 5:42 a.m., crushing thousands of adorable puppies and architecture students. Rescue workers cited shoddy design as a cause, and commented, “Holy shit, there’s your irony right there.”

“That building is the classical Greek tragic figure,” sobbed an English major who was present at the time of the collapse. “Once again, our hubris has destroyed us. We have made our Tower of Babel, and God has toppled it as a jarring reminder that we are flawed mortals whose pride in creating such a masterwork has led to our demise.” He then left to go write a paper about it or something.