Top Ten Classes No Longer Taught at Cal

  1. African American Studies 11/Latin American Studies 9 (cross-listed): Why You’re Too Lazy to Steal
  2. Comparative Literature 2: Chaucer’s Revenge
  3. Physics 142C: The Physics of Cum Trajectory
  4. Landscape Architecture 39H: You Don’t Have to Take My Word for It, You KNOW You’re Gay
  5. Women’s Studies 39H: You’re Gay
  6. Molecular Cell Biology 62: Drugs and the Brain and More Drugs and Dude I Am So High Right Now I Can Fucking See Through Walls
  7. Asian American Studies 103B: Little, Yellow, Not So Different
  8. L&S 14: Nap Time
  9. Peace and Conflict Studies 8: My God, You Are Such a Pussy
  10. Education 16AC: Fulfilling the American Cultures Requirement