Hipsters Rally Around Bush

A recent Gallup poll of likely voters shows a surprising groundswell of support for President Bush in the hipster community.

“Bush’s handling of the war in Iraq is so bad, it’s good,” explained Moffitt Library employee Erin Reardon, wearing a Halliburton trucker hat and a “Lugar ’96” T-shirt. “The kitsch value of his corporate deregulation efforts and incredibly regressive tax policies is off the charts.”

The Bush presidency inspires nostalgia for many hipsters. Fans of 1980s cultural landmarks such as leg warmers and jelly shoes can relate to the “retro” Bush administration’s deficit spending and massive military buildup. Groups of hipsters gather to watch Bush’s speeches, ostensibly for their ironic entertainment value, while VH1’s Best Presidency Ever has garnered spectacular ratings among the prized 18-to-34 demographic.

For some hipsters, the presidential choice boils down to defying the mainstream and even their own judgment. A sombrero-wearing hipster was succinct in his explanation. “Why am I voting for Bush?” he asked. “Because I hate him.”