Rights Groups Seek to Reclaim Word “Fag”

A coalition of fraternity members, hicks, and fundamentalists have joined forces recently to reclaim the word “fag” from homosexuals, whom they say have twisted it’s meaning in recent years.

“Dude, back in the day, before we got the new porch, we used to call people faggots all the time,” said one member of Sigma Theta Beta. “Now when we see someone caring about a girl or focusing on schoolwork we don’t even know like, what to call them.” He then added, “Pussy?”

Though homosexuals have mustered a powerful campaign starting in the mid 90’s to reclaim the word (presumably laying rights on it from some time when it had positive connotations), they now have to contend with a new force in the culture war. Said one Pentecostal Christian, “All we want is to have a show as cool as Will and Grace. I’m sick of watching this Touched by an Angel bullshit.”