Local Man Starts Stereotypes

Local man Jesse Barone announced his creation of five new stereotypes next week, showcasing his effortless ability to attribute even meaningless characteristics to racial categories.

“I noticed an Indian guy using a power mower, the kind where you sit on it, so I figured that all Indian guys did that. Then I added ‘Inability to turn left on Dwight and Shattuck even when it’s clear to turn’ to the list of things Latino people always do.”

Barone also managed to incorporate apparent contradictions.

“I noticed some Chinese people also using those sit-on power mowers, so I changed the stereotype to be all people from Asia do that. And I’m all set so that if I see some Kazakhstanis not using them, I can have the stereotype just be peoples with a Buddhist background.”

Said Berkeley Ethnic Studies Professor Alfred Arteaga, “For decades we thought stereotypes evolved from the needs of the oppressive class. But it turns out it’s just this one asshole guy.”