Neighborhood Dog Mauled by Small Child

Jessica Perkins, age 3, was taken into custody last week after what authorities call a “malicious and unprovoked attack” that left Thor, the Jervis family’s pet dog, in critical condition. Thor, a six year old Rottweiler in good standing with the surrounding community, was on an early-evening constitutional after ripping a hole in his concrete enclosure when he was confronted by an apparently unsupervised, possibly rabid Perkins.

“Thor was just minding his’n business, sniffing around and the like,” said visibly shaken neighbor Jeff Dulcan, “Then that Perkins kid bursts out the door and just plain overpowers him. He didn’t have a chance.” Already, the public has begun pointing fingers, blaming Perkins’ parents for allegedly training their daughter for “attack purposes.” Dom Perkins responded to the accusations yesterday, dismissing them as “preposterous.”

“Although I am not in any way related to Jessica or her parents, I do share their last name and I’m pretty sure they would never do anything like that,” Perkins said.

According to officials, if charges are pressed, Jessica Perkins will almost certainly have to be “put to sleep.” When reached for comment, Perkins’ father replied, “Good luck.”