School Shooting News Template

[City, State]- A student gunman killed [number] and wounded [number] people at a [suburban/urban] [city] high school on [day] before [type of employee] brought him down in a gun battle, police say. Besides the alleged shooter, who authorities identified as [age and name],[number]teachers and [number] other teen-agers were wounded in the shooting, which happened just [number of weeks] after the last school shooting in[previous city, (optional state).” He just got out of the car, he got down like in a sniper position and just started opening fire,” said [some freaked out stupid kid], a [year in school] at [city] High School.

“It seemed to be a [shotgun, rifle, handgun, pistol, grenade launcher MIG, or machete]. “At least [number] shots were fired, he said. “One of them came at least two inches away from my head. If I wouldn’t have ducked down, I would have been shot. It’s just kind of a blur from there.” Another student said the gunman seemed to be aiming at a school administrator. The boy said he watched as the suspect reloaded his gun and shot randomly.

Authorities said they do not know [accused gunman’s] motive.