BAM Hosts Georgia O’Keeffe Exhibit

The Berkeley Art Museum hosted an exhibit by famed floral painter Georgia O’Keeffe, much to the delight of many patrons.

“It was amazing,” said musem goer Lance McCrory. “Her work is so realistic. I felt like I was walking through a lush meadow full of vaginas. Uh, I mean flowers.”

O’Keeffe’s abstractions and use of color were popular among the exhibits vistors. Rochelle Montoya, a third-year Psychology major and first-time museum customer, noted that “This one painting, ‘Lilac with crimson,’ was so moving that I busted into a fat period two weeks early. I know, that makes no sense.”

The more popular works included recent finds in O’Keeffe’s personal archives, such as “Petunia with Vague Phallic Object,” “Orchid with Soiled Diaphragm,” and “Bird of Paradise with Baby Coming Out of It.”

Next month the museum will host a Jasper Johns exhibit titled “All Things Penis-Shaped.”