Powerpoint Lecture Self-destructs

Economics Professor Clair Brown showed up to class yesterday with the hopes of helping college students learn the fundamentals of the effects of foreign trade on GDP. The presentation supposedly included 35 slides ranging from graphs and charts to bullet points rephrased from the textbook.

Brown said, “this semester I really wanted to do something different. So, I changed the background on the slides. Now, when I hit the right arrow, this little floaty block goes across the screen and sticks to a pretty ribbon on the other side. I really thought the students would appreciate it.”

Sadly though, Professor Brown was dumbfounded when, after setting up her laptop by sticking the “wire thing” in the back, nothing happened. Student Natalie Pivaroff said, “First, she tried getting someone in the video booth to help, but no one was there. Then, she blanked for 15 minutes and stood there like a deer in headlights. After returning to consciousness, she wised up and tried the keep-safe method of restarting. Nothing happened after three restarts. She was about to defrag but class was over by then.”

Brown later said, “Slide 16 was really crucial to today’s lecture. I was going to use my laser pointer pen and visually underline the word aggregate. That way everyone would know it was important.”

Professor Brown will continue teaching Economics 1A via PowerPoint until animal behaviorists train a chimp to turn on a computer and push the right arrow button.