Playboy Party Joke Falls Flat at Actual Party

A local student’s attempts to win attention and favor at a recent social gathering were marred by his use of one of “Playboy’s Party Jokes.” At a conversational lull, San Francisco State junior Eric Rice recited a drollery he’d carefully memorized that afternoon: “How do you know if a guy has a high sperm count?” Rice queried the stunned group of partygoers. As all looked on in silence, Rice delivered the punch line; “His girlfriend has to chew before swallowing!”

Reaction among guests ranged from shocked silence to abruptly walking away. Rice was unable to make eye contact with another person for a full ten minutes after delivering the failed quip, though it was the month’s most frequent submission.

“I don’t understand,” Rice said. “I mean, what kind of man reads Playboy? A man who prizes education, who relies on his favorite magazine to keep him informed and entertained. I’m sure there are millions of us with degrees who later go on to professional or managerial careers.”

Ironically, Rice completed his evening in the company of the same June 1997 Playboy which had short-circuited his party efforts earlier. Playmate of the Year Victoria Silvstedt could not be reached for comment.