Chad Voted Most Popular West African Nation

For Third Year Running

Nigeria, Rwanda, Cameroon, and other West African nations agree, once again, that when it comes to being a hip, down-to-earth, funny, and approachable nation, the one word which comes to everyone’s lips is “Chad.”

Even while the nations around Chad are devastated by famine, genocide, and civil war, Chad can often be found on the roof with a Budweiser, just kind of hanging out.

Chad has also been known to get away with more than your ordinary African nation. For example, even when warlords hoarded all the food, water, and salt in the country and forced the poor even further into lives of abject misery, Sierra Leone was heard to say with a chuckle, “Oh, that’s just Chad!”

“That’s, like so Chad, all that poverty and destruction and stuff,” Za+A>>re agreed. “But that’s what makes Chad Chad, I guess!”

Liberia reminisces, “When Rhodesia was looking to change its name, guess who came up with such a cool-sounding name as ‘Zimbabwe’? That’s right, Chad. Zaire’s suggestion, was ‘West Swaziland.’ I mean, come on! And Chad never acted all superior about it, either. That’s my favorite thing about Chad.”

This was not the first time Za+A>>re was snubbed — in a friendly, non-invasive manner — by Chad.

“The best thing is,” C+A|te d’Ivoire interjected, “that even when he’s busy whittling away at the fabric of all that is good, all that makes life on this planet even barely tolerable, I know all along that it’s good ol’ Chad, and he’ll feel like hanging out later, and listening to Belle and Sebastian.”