Ill Communication

In a controversial decision, Chancellor Robert Berdahl has announced the dissolution of Berkeley’s Mass Communications Department. Fed up with wasting all those resources on people who just end up becoming housewives and professional cocaine addicts, Berdahl has sent the whole department packing, suggesting that they relocate their operations to a school with “a little more tolerance for that sort of nonsense.” The department will be abolished at the end of the Fall 1998 semester.

Soon-to-be former Mass Comm. majors have expressed their objection to the decision. “This may mean that we’re gonna have to take classes where you have to, like, read and study and stuff,” complained sorority member Debra Morgan. “And some of those classes meet more than twice a week and actually start before noon!”

In related news, the Dramatic Arts Department has begun recruiting additional professors in preparation for an expected increase in majors next Spring.